Bitavolo is a lacquered ash wood table.‎
Ash structure and top in the colors: Whitened natural, Natural “forever”, Lipari White, Stromboli black, Nebula, Mahogany, Walnut, Moka Walnut, Blond walnut, Anthracite.‎
After the obvious Book table and my beloved Basic, which I filled my agency with, I tried to design an eight-piece foldable table that was easy to put along a wall. This was how Bitavolo was born.

Typology: Rectangular extendable ash table
Designer: Titti Fabiani
Dimensions: height cm.‎ 72

BITAVOLO rectang.‎ cm.‎ 140 x 42 (open 140 x 84)
BITAVOLO rectang.‎ cm.‎ 160 x 42 (open 160 x 84)
BITAVOLO rectang.‎ cm.‎ 180 x 42 (open 180 x 84)
BITAVOLO squared cm.‎ 90 x 90 (open 180 x 90)

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