Milan is a ferment
of creativity.
There in that year
Titti Fabiani designed
the Book.


Its story?

funny and special

Having a design titan choose the cabinet
you’ve created – upon first sight, no less –
doesn’t happen to everybody. But it happened
to Titti Fabiani when she designed Book.
It was in the 1970s – at the Milan Salone del Mobile –

Achille Castiglioni stopped and looked at Book.

He looked again, opened it, walked away,
came back, looked at it again, ran his fingers
over the grooves made for opening the cabinet,
congratulated her and ordered it for his home.

Book landed in New York City in 1978,
in the large “Abitare” shop on 57th Street,
opened by Techinteriors. The store was teeming
with designers and design enthusiasts.
It was very emotional to hear New Yorkers
trying to speak Italian,
looking at The New York Times Design Section,
where Book dominated the front page.

Woody Allen was preparing to shoot "Manhattan".

And for the main character’s apartment
he asked for the most intellectual and quintessentially
“Manhattan” furniture available:
a large white Book wall.

Almost forty years ago Piera Peroni,
the brilliant founder of Abitare,
first presented the Book
in an extended feature article with the title


a bookcase for today


and forever”

And from 2013 Book is in the permanent collection of the museum

Jan van der Togt in Amsterdam